A Third-Person Military Tactical Shooter.

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About the game

Zero Six is a tactical third-person shooter based on teamwork and realistic combat. Experience a modern combat scenario, where the emphasis lies on outsmarting your enemy. It combines the tactical elements from a Third Person perspective with the action-packed shooting mechanics of an FPS game.

The game will feature an objective-oriented multiplayer, where tactical decision making and team play is key. Face a dynamic experience, featuring close-quarters combat as well as more open areas. Your actions can influence how the next round starts, so players will constantly need to adapt their approach.

Immersive Campaign

The player will experience a dark and gritty story that revolves around a Spec-Ops unit, which is loosely based on the NAVY Seal Team Six.

Besides the Singleplayer Campaign, the game will feature a competitive multiplayer. Various tactical and team-oriented game modes will be included.

Competitive Multiplayer

We are putting a strong emphasis on one-life-per-round game modes. These are designed to run at a slower pace, meaning you will more commonly walk and peak corners instead of sprinting and jumping around corners.

With predictable recoil-patterns and a low time to kill, a mixture of individual mechanical skills and a tactical approach to positioning and movement will get you the win.



Yes. While we plan to release the game for PC first, the release on consoles is planned.
We don't have a fixed date as of yet. Right now we are planning to release an Alpha sometime in 2022.
Alpha keys will be be distributed via email. If you wish to participate in the Alpha you can sign up here.
It is still early in production and as of now we don't have a date set for the full release. Neither for PC, nor for consoles.

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