A Third-Person Military Tactical Shooter.

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Tactical Shooter

"Zero Six - Behind Enemy Lines" is a Third-Person Tactical Shooter. It combines the tactical elements from a Third Person perspective with the action-packed shooting mechanics of an FPS game.

Immersive Campaign

The player will experience a dark and gritty story that revolves around a Spec-Ops unit, which is based on the NAVY Seal Team Six.

Competitive Multiplayer

Besides the Singleplayer Campaign, the game will feature a competitive multiplayer. Various tactical and team-oriented game modes will be included.

A Dynamic World

Powered by Unreal Engine 4 the game will feature destructible environments and a dynamic time-of-day system.

About the game

Zero Six is a tactical third-person shooter based on teamwork and realistic combat. Experience a modern combat scenario, where the emphasis lies on outsmarting your enemy.

The game will feature an objective-oriented multiplayer, where tactical decision making and team play is key. Face a dynamic experience, featuring close-quarters combat as well as more open areas. Your actions can influence how the next round starts, so players will constantly need to adapt their approach.


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